We Handle Guardianship Matters for Both Children and Adults

At the Franklin County law offices of Gillespie Law, LLC, we have represented and assisted clients in obtaining guardianships for adults and children in both contested and uncontested cases.

Often times your loved ones and family members may be in need of a guardianship that is either permanent or temporary. Guardianships can also be granted or issued in limited circumstances or on a wider basis. For instance, sometimes guardianships are issued/granted for financial reasons only, and sometimes they are granted for financial reasons and for day-to-day living reasons.

When a guardianship is created or issued over a person it has numerous legal obligations and impact on many different people/family members involved.

If you think you or your family member may be in need of a guardianship you seek advice from a qualified and licensed attorney.

Q & A

How long is a guardianship for?

It depends on a wide variety of factors and differs from one case to another. Normally in cases involving guardianship over a minor, it expires when the minor turns 18 years old, unless it is revoked or modified by the court. In cases involving guardianship over an adult, it depends on the factors present that led the court to grant/issue the guardianship. Ordinarily the guardianship will continue until the facts or conditions that resulted in the guardianship go away. Sometimes guardianships are permanent.

Can anyone be appointed a guardian of another?

No. Guardians are normally screened, interviewed and assessed by the court before they are appointed. Most of the time a potential guardian is also required to pass a background check as well.

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