Skilled Representation for Legal Matters Concerning Schools

School law is a very small niche in the legal profession, and there simply are not many attorneys who practice in this field.

School law consists of the following:

  • Representing administrators or teachers in contract renewal, or nonrenewal
  • Representing teachers or administrators in RIF (reduction in force) situations
  • Representing teachers, administrators or classified employees in termination proceedings
  • Representing students in a wide variety of situations from bullying, expulsion or suspension, to IEP issues

The Franklin County law offices of Gillespie Law, LLC, would be happy to assist in any of these matters.

The Ohio Revised Code is very clear on the steps the school districts must take in RIFs, nonrenewals and termination proceedings.

Students also have many issues that may arise in their career as a student. Even for students, the Ohio Revised Code is very clear on many topics related to students as well, and the district must follow proper procedures for expulsion, suspension and IEPs.

In bullying issues, the Ohio Revised Code, and often the student handbook, is clear as to what is considered bullying, and that it will not be tolerated. If any of these issues are impacting your student, we would be happy to discuss this matter with you and your child.

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