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April 2018 Archives

Understanding the difference between an open and closed adoption

It takes a special family to open its doors and hearts up to a child through the adoption process. Many Ohio parents have taken the plunge into the adoption world to expand their families and offer children new homes filled with love and support. There are a variety of ways that a person may seek a child through adoption, but this informational post will briefly cover an important distinction that may be relevant to domestic adoptions: open adoptions vs. closed adoptions.

What child support enforcement penalties can Ohio parents face?

Child support is an important way for a non-custodial parent to maintain financial responsibility over the child and a significant way for a child who lives with only one of their parents to have the financial support they need to get by. However, it can become a serious legal matter when a parent stops pay court ordered child support.

Getting answers to important child custody questions

Parents in Ohio rarely find it easy to end their marriages. In fact, some wait until their kids are out of the house to terminate their relationships simply because they do not want to put the stress of child custody arrangements on them. It can be incredibly difficult for parents to tell their kids that their lives are going to be uprooted as their parents split their household into two.

What can "duress" do to the validity of a will?

Creating a last will and testament is an important estate planning matter for a Dublin resident. Through a will, a person can leave their loved ones assets and property that are contained in their end-of-life estate. Without a will, a person's estate would be subject to the intestacy laws of the state and may result in inheritances being given to individuals the decedent had no intention of benefitting with their death.

Understanding stepparent adoption in Ohio

If you and your spouse have one of Ohio’s many blended families, you may be thinking about adopting your spouse’s children. This not only is a loving decision, but also a practical one. It solves any problems you may have regarding the legal status of your de facto children and also gives you access to their medical and school records.

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