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May 2018 Archives

Is alimony available in divorces in Ohio?

A divorce can be an emotionally and financially difficult time in the life of a Dublin resident. Not only must they learn to navigate the world as a single person after living their life as part of a married couple, but they must also figure out how to sustain themselves financially without their spouse's income. Not all divorcing parties are able to handle the latter scenario, and for those who need continuing financial help after their marriages have ended spousal support is available.

Special considerations for an international adoption

Although some Ohio residents choose to adopt children from within their own communities, others expand their searches for children to locations far and wide. International adoptions are popular in the United States, but those who wish to bring children home from other countries should be prepared to face special issues that will not apply to domestic adoption cases.

How to establish paternity in Ohio

There are many familial situations in Ohio. Sometimes when people have children they are married and sometimes they are not. While having a child while married or not does not change the biological parents of the child, it does have an effect on who are the legal parents of the child. There is a presumption that if a couple is married at the time the child was born, that the father is the legal father. However, if the couple is not married, there is not automatically a presumed father.

Getting let help with your unique divorce needs

It may seem that with the high number of divorces that pass through American courts each year the same issues might be rehashed and concluded with the same outcomes. This could not be farther from the truth. While two different Ohio couples, for example, may both have property and custody matters to resolve when they elect to end their marriages, how they choose to do so and the factors that may influence their outcomes are unique to their own lives.

Keep these pointers in mind when choosing an estate executor

If you are finally tackling your estate plan, good for you. You are taking the first step towards protecting your legacy for future generations. One question that might be running through your mind is whom you should choose as the executor of your estate. This is an important decision that should not be made lightly.

What is a post-decree modification?

When a couple in Ohio secures a divorce they emerge from the legal process with agreements or orders that have been approved by the presiding court. Those agreements or orders outline the terms of any responsibilities that the parties will continue to share into their post-divorce lives, such as matters related to spousal or child support, child custody or visitation. With court approval, those agreements or orders carry judicial weight and therefore possible sanctions if the parties fail to comply.

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