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July 2018 Archives

Divide property based on fair market value, not sentimental value

You and your spouse enjoyed a high standard of living during your marriage, and now that you are divorcing, you have considerable personal property to divide. When you sit down at the negotiation table with your spouse, you each have a list of things you want, and you plan to be reasonable. 

Intestacy laws and their influence on estate distribution

One of the biggest advantages that a person can experience when they elect to create an estate plan is the power to decide where and to whom their assets will pass. An Ohio resident can exercise a great deal of influence in this respect and can, with a strong and effective estate plan, avoid many of the pitfalls that others may suffer when they neglect this important part of preparing for the future. If a person does not have a plan in place their assets and wealth may distribute based on the state's laws of intestacy.

What is stepparent adoption?

The word "adoption" often causes Ohio residents to imagine scenarios in which individuals bring children into their homes to become a part of their families. Some adoptions involve the uniting of American parents with international children, while others may involve the creation of legal bonds between foster parents and the children they have cared for.

The role of physical custody in a child's post-divorce life

A divorce can be a difficult time for children. Aside from the regular stresses and fears that they may possess at their age, a child in Ohio may worry about who will care for them when their household is suddenly split into two. Courts that handle custody cases prioritize the best interests of the children whose lives are affected by separation and divorce, and one of the most important things that they must decide is how the children's physical custody will be managed.

Who is the putative father in an adoption case?

It is not uncommon for couples in Ohio who hope to adopt a child to endure long waits as they prepare for the arrival of the child. In some cases, individuals may believe that they have been matched with a child only to find out later that the child, for one reason or another, will not be allowed to enter into their family. A common cause of failed adoptions is the emergence of putative fathers.

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