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August 2018 Archives

What should parents know about legal custody?

Negotiating a child custody agreement is no small feat. Ohio parents who have elected to end their marriages or discontinue their personal relationships may discover that even though they have chosen to no longer be involved in each other's lives, there is no way for them to fully disentangle themselves due to the presence of their shared children.

Pursuing adoption as a single parent

Bringing a child into one's home through adoption is a life-changing process both for the new parent and the child. Often Ohio couples decide to adopt to grow their marital families, but increasingly men and women throughout the nation have made efforts to adopt as single individuals. While single parent adoption was once almost impossible, it is gaining wider acceptance across the country.

Preparing children and schedules for the new school year

The back to school season is upon Ohio families and all across the state children are slowly filtering back to their educational institutions. While some may be returning to familiar schools, others may be transitioning to new schools as they advance through higher grades.

Ohio recognizes grandparent visitation

A divorce can affect relationships beyond the one that is severed through the legal process. Connections between parents and kids can become strained, but so too can the more distant relationships between kids and their extended family members. For example, when parents go through a divorce and the kids are placed in the custody of just one of the parents, the grandparents on the other side of the family may find that their time with their beloved grandchildren is extremely limited.

Money problems are a major contributor to marital failure

A fight between two married people can stem from many possible topics. Ohio couples have disagreements about their kids, about their jobs and about their homes. They may argue about how much time they should dedicate to certain tasks and how much they should be able to ask of each other in order to preserve their marriages. One topic that is often the basis of martial fights concerns something that everyone actually needs in their life: money.

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