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November 2018 Archives

What role could prenups play in a divorce?

Before they have even celebrated their wedding days, some Ohio couples have made plans for how they will manage their property in the event that they divorce. Prenuptial agreements, sometimes referred to as prenups, are contracts that parties may enter into before they marry that outline how their financial responsibilities and property holdings will be dealt with in the event that their marriage does not last. Not everyone who marries will want a prenup but those who do enter into them should be aware of what will happen if they divorce with one in effect.

Birdnesting is a unique approach to child custody

When two Ohio parents go through a divorce, they may work hard to minimize the challenges that their children will face as they transition into their new lives. Though children do not lose their parents when divorces happen, they do lose the stability of having both of their parents living together under the same roof. A relatively new trend in child custody arrangements attempts to keep the same roof over kids' heads after divorce while the parent who is with them changes.

During season of giving, consider gifts through an estate plan

In a matter of days, Ohio residents will be celebrating Thanksgiving with members of their families and friends who have become special to their lives. And just as the last plates of turkey are cleared from their tables, some individuals will head out into the cold to brave the Black Friday crowds that will undoubtedly ravage local retailers. Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Valentine's Day are on the horizon and these celebratory events are often associated with gift-giving. While many will stress over what to buy their favorite relations, few will consider a much more important way of providing for those that they love.

Be prepared for custody issues during the holidays

The holidays are a special time for many Ohio residents. Not only do many individuals get time off of work to be with their friends and loved ones, but some have the special opportunity to see people they may not otherwise get to spend time with during the rest of the year. For parents, the holidays can be a wonderful time to catch up with their kids and enjoy quiet moments for building love and memories.

The independent adoption process

The decision to adopt a child is one of the biggest that prospective parents will ever make. In Ohio, there are several ways that individuals can pursue adoptions. They can work with the state or state-sanctioned agencies to find children in need of adoptive placements, or they may endeavor to make independent adoptions directly from the children's biological parents.

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