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January 2019 Archives

Stepparent adoption can bring families closer together

Not long ago a national news program offered the heartwarming story of a little girl asking her stepfather to adopt her. In a pretty dress and with a handmade sign, she asked the man who had been in her life since her infancy if he would officially make her his daughter. The story had a happy ending - the man tearfully agreed and legally adopted the little girl.

Shutdown may impact parents' ability to pay child support

Regardless of where a person lives in this country, they are likely aware that the federal government has been in a state of shutdown. This means that thousands of workers have been told not to come into work, and that thousands more are expected to do their jobs without receiving any pay. Ohio residents may be personally affected by this national event or may know others who are struggling to pay their bills as the shutdown looms into the future.

Decisions regarding spousal support depend on many factors

Ending a marriage can be a financially risky process, particularly for an Ohio resident who has depended on a spouse's income. In a divorce, a person may lose access to the financial support they enjoyed when they were married, may lose property that they shared jointly with their ex-spouse and may incur new costs as they are forced to find a new place to live. For a person who does not work, getting a divorce can be downright scary from a financial perspective.

Should a parent fight for joint physical custody of their child?

Giving up time with one's child is one of the hardest things that a parent in Ohio may have to endure when they choose to seek a divorce from their spouse. This is because a divorce forces two married people to return to their separate and single lives and to divide up what they share into new living arrangements. This can also mean dividing up the time that each gets to spend with the kids they share.

Meeting the requirements of a valid will in Ohio

As Ohio residents say goodbye to 2018, they may consider proactive steps they can take to make their futures as secure and carefree as possible. While saving for retirement and providing for their families is often high on their lists of things to accomplish, planning for the disposition of their estates should also rank at the top of their lists. Although estate planning can feel like something that can be put off, everyone should have some basic testamentary documents in place to protect their wealth and assets in the event of their passing.

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