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February 2019 Archives

Preserving family law fairness in the age of social media

Although Ohio residents still call up their friends to find out what is happening in their lives, many can quickly catch up on the big events happening in the lives of the people they love by signing into their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a bevy of other internet-based platforms allow individuals to share pictures, information and other forms of data with their connections in a user-focused manner. These social media platforms can, however, complicate family law matters when online friends, shared data and other information become relevant or discoverable at trial.

Advance directives: how to choose a health care agent

An advance directive, or medical power of attorney, is a crucial estate planning document. This document gives you the opportunity to designate someone to act on your behalf if you become unable to make your own medical decisions due to a debilitating injury or illness. This person may be known as a health care agent, proxy or surrogate.

What happens if parents cannot agree about their child's custody?

The divorce or separation of a couple in Ohio can require the parties to make many important legal and financial decisions. As they choose where they will live and who will retain control over certain parcels and items of property, they may also need to work out how they will share in the responsibilities of raising their kids. Child custody plans provide guidance to parents on how they will work together to provide their kids with the support they need despite the end of their parents' relationship. While some parents can work out solid child custody agreements, others may struggle to find common ground with their former partners.

Get answers to important divorce questions

It is a trend that may surprise some and may make sense to others: In January, more people file for divorce that in other months of the year. This is thought to happen because individuals want to get through the holidays without disrupting their families. It may also occur because some resolve to be happier in the New Year and experiencing more joy may mean letting go of a spouse.

Changes to estate plan may be necessary after a divorce

It is important that all Ohio residents seriously assess their needs for written estate plans. While many people may feel that they do not possess sufficient assets to justify the creation of estate planning documents, practically everyone can benefit from taking the time to consider just what may happen to their wealth and possessions if they pass away. Additionally, those who do have estate plans in place should consider what changes they may need to make to their existing testamentary documents when they go through significant life events like divorces.

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