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May 2019 Archives

Dividing up property during an Ohio divorce

Anyone who has ever had to relocate and move their household to a new location can attest to the fact that individuals can acquire and accumulate "stuff" at an alarming rate. When an Ohio resident gets married and has children, that process can accelerate as there are more people in their household who are getting and keeping items of property. In the event that a marital partnership breaks down and heads to divorce, the parties may be forced to identify and distribute all of their property between them so that they can move their lives forward separately.

Reasons to avoid a DIY divorce

It works in every divorcing couple's best interest to have an attorney handle the minutiae of a divorce. Lawyers understand the law fully and will help you and your former spouse come to a more amicable agreement on everything from alimony to the parenting arrangement. 

What is a financial power of attorney?

One of the biggest skills that a person must learn as they grow up and become an adult is how to manage their money. This does not just mean understanding investments and how to save, but also how to budget, plan for fixed costs and make payments on bills and other expenses. All across Ohio individuals deal with financial matters on an almost daily basis.

Reviewing and adjusting a child support order in Ohio

In Ohio, when a couple ends a marriage, there will still be continuing concerns that must be hashed out. If they share a child, child support could be in dispute for multiple reasons. A common disagreement parents have is how much should be paid in child support. While there will be an order as part of the divorce settlement, the amount that is paid could be changed. For those who are receiving child support payments and those who are paying child support, it is important to understand when there can be a review and adjustment of the child support order and how to handle these complex circumstances.

Protecting children's best interests through child support

When a couple in Ohio decides to end a marriage, the parties to that union may hope to start their lives over without any contact with their ex-spouses. This can be next to impossible if those parties share children. Child custody, visitation and child support may force parents to stay connected even when they have chosen to end their legal relationships with each other.

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