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Understanding stepparent adoption in Ohio

If you and your spouse have one of Ohio’s many blended families, you may be thinking about adopting your spouse’s children. This not only is a loving decision, but also a practical one. It solves any problems you may have regarding the legal status of your de facto children and also gives you access to their medical and school records.

2 things you should consider about divorce and taxes

Many divorcing couples in the Dublin area focus so much on leaving their spouses that they fail to consider the impact their new relationship status can have on their taxes. All of the stress, anxiety and confusion you may feel can make it hard for you to keep sight of the overall picture and accept a settlement that has a major impact on your tax and financial situation once your divorce is final. 

Should you start to distribute inheritances early?

One thing that some senior citizens wonder, especially as they get even older, is whether they should start distributing their inheritances early. That is, suppose a woman intends to leave her extensive jewelry collection to her daughter. Should she give the collection now, or at least a few pieces, while she is still alive to see her daughter enjoy the jewelry?

Divorce vs. dissolution: Which is better?

When contemplating the end of your marriage in Ohio, you have two options to choose from: file for the courts to either dissolve your marriage or grant you a divorce. It is important for you to understand the pros and cons of each choice before you pick one. 

3 differences between divorce and dissolution

Ending a marriage is never ideal, but there are some ways of doing it that are far less painless than others. You likely already know what a divorce entails, but you may be less familiar with the process of dissolving a marriage. Each of these has its own pros and cons that you should be aware of, and one is not necessarily right for every couple.

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