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Shutdown may impact parents' ability to pay child support

Regardless of where a person lives in this country, they are likely aware that the federal government has been in a state of shutdown. This means that thousands of workers have been told not to come into work, and that thousands more are expected to do their jobs without receiving any pay. Ohio residents may be personally affected by this national event or may know others who are struggling to pay their bills as the shutdown looms into the future.

Decisions regarding spousal support depend on many factors

Ending a marriage can be a financially risky process, particularly for an Ohio resident who has depended on a spouse's income. In a divorce, a person may lose access to the financial support they enjoyed when they were married, may lose property that they shared jointly with their ex-spouse and may incur new costs as they are forced to find a new place to live. For a person who does not work, getting a divorce can be downright scary from a financial perspective.

What role could prenups play in a divorce?

Before they have even celebrated their wedding days, some Ohio couples have made plans for how they will manage their property in the event that they divorce. Prenuptial agreements, sometimes referred to as prenups, are contracts that parties may enter into before they marry that outline how their financial responsibilities and property holdings will be dealt with in the event that their marriage does not last. Not everyone who marries will want a prenup but those who do enter into them should be aware of what will happen if they divorce with one in effect.

Helping clients fight for the spousal support they need

Not long ago, this family law blog posted an article on how individuals may seek to change the spousal support orders and agreements that govern their financial relationships with their former partners. It is generally the case that an Ohio couple will only be able to make such modifications if there is a special circumstance that justifies the change. If no change is warranted the agreement or order will continue to operate as executed.

Can courts deviate from the child support guidelines?

The Ohio child support guidelines provide family law courts with a mathematical computation for determining how much money parents should be obligated to pay in support of their kids. Many factors are considered when a court begins to evaluate the application of the guidelines to a family's legal case, including but not limited to the amount of money that each parent makes or could make if they were fully employed, the financial obligations the parents have to children not born of the marriage, and others.

Ohio recognizes grandparent visitation

A divorce can affect relationships beyond the one that is severed through the legal process. Connections between parents and kids can become strained, but so too can the more distant relationships between kids and their extended family members. For example, when parents go through a divorce and the kids are placed in the custody of just one of the parents, the grandparents on the other side of the family may find that their time with their beloved grandchildren is extremely limited.

Providing support for diverse family law needs

Although divorce is a relatively common legal occurrence in the courts of Ohio, our readers should be aware that each proceeding for the end of a marriage is unique. This is because every couple brings its own needs and expectations to the process, as well as the particular facts that made their marriage one-of-a-kind. For this reason, a divorce cannot be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach to representation. The parties should be recognized as individuals and provided with the support they need to address their distinct concerns.

Court rules kids need contact with both parents in celebrity case

This Ohio-based family law blog has discussed a number of topics related to child custody, paternity and the rights of parents to raise their kids in the wake of divorces and separations. Many of these topics turn on the important consideration of how children's needs and interests will be best served by the agreements and orders the courts approve for custody and support. Child custody agreements and orders can be changed, however, if circumstances warrant modifications for the benefit of the kids.

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