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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Making a child custody schedule work during the school year

It's back-to-school time in Ohio, and as summer break winds down, parents and kids are preparing for the new school year. For children whose parents are divorced, reviewing their child custody and visitation orders are just one of the steps they will need to take to ensure that they set their child up for success during the school year.

Make sure your vacation plans align with your child custody order

Taking a road trip, going camping or flying to a vacation destination is a part of many families' summer traditions. When parents divorce, however, they may want to continue these traditions, albeit without their ex-spouse. However, parents in Ohio who are divorced generally cannot just take their children on an extended vacation without taking certain steps. If they do, they could find themselves in a courtroom being accused of child custody interference.

Co-parenting can benefit children in Ohio after a divorce

When married parents in Ohio are constantly fighting, this can have a negative affect on their child's well-being. For these families, sometimes divorce is a good option. However, parents going through a divorce will remain that -- parents -- even after the final divorce decree is signed. This means that they remain tied to one another through their child, who they must continue to raise together at least to some extent.

How are child custody decisions made?

When confronted with a pending divorce or separation from one's partner, an Ohio parent may have concerns about how best to approach the sensitive topic of child custody. The best interests of the children affected by child custody decisions guides how those determinations are made, and to establish best interests for a child many factors must be considered. This post will touch on some of the issues that may be relevant to individual child custody matters.

When do courts order sole physical custody of children?

Child custody is a complex legal issue and can affect families in Dublin in different ways. As Ohio courts look to protect the best interests of the children whose custody matters appear in their chambers, it is important that our readers remember that different custody cases will be resolved based on their own unique facts and issues. Sole physical custody can be ordered for different reasons.

What happens if parents cannot agree about their child's custody?

The divorce or separation of a couple in Ohio can require the parties to make many important legal and financial decisions. As they choose where they will live and who will retain control over certain parcels and items of property, they may also need to work out how they will share in the responsibilities of raising their kids. Child custody plans provide guidance to parents on how they will work together to provide their kids with the support they need despite the end of their parents' relationship. While some parents can work out solid child custody agreements, others may struggle to find common ground with their former partners.

Should a parent fight for joint physical custody of their child?

Giving up time with one's child is one of the hardest things that a parent in Ohio may have to endure when they choose to seek a divorce from their spouse. This is because a divorce forces two married people to return to their separate and single lives and to divide up what they share into new living arrangements. This can also mean dividing up the time that each gets to spend with the kids they share.

Birdnesting is a unique approach to child custody

When two Ohio parents go through a divorce, they may work hard to minimize the challenges that their children will face as they transition into their new lives. Though children do not lose their parents when divorces happen, they do lose the stability of having both of their parents living together under the same roof. A relatively new trend in child custody arrangements attempts to keep the same roof over kids' heads after divorce while the parent who is with them changes.

Be prepared for custody issues during the holidays

The holidays are a special time for many Ohio residents. Not only do many individuals get time off of work to be with their friends and loved ones, but some have the special opportunity to see people they may not otherwise get to spend time with during the rest of the year. For parents, the holidays can be a wonderful time to catch up with their kids and enjoy quiet moments for building love and memories.

A discussion of visitation options for noncustodial parents

Child custody is an important legal matter that Ohio parents must address when they choose to end their relationships in divorce. Custody concerns two particular forms of parental rights, physical and legal, both of which have been discussed on this family law blog. However, if a parent is not awarded custodial rights to their children, specifically, physical custody rights, then they may find themselves contending over a visitation order or plan.

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