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Spousal support changes may only be made in special circumstances

Pursuant to an Ohio divorce, a court may order that one party to the proceedings pay the other spousal support. As previously discussed on this family law blog, spousal support is money given to one ex-spouse to the other. It may be mandated permanently or it may be ordered for a shorter duration of time.

Money problems are a major contributor to marital failure

A fight between two married people can stem from many possible topics. Ohio couples have disagreements about their kids, about their jobs and about their homes. They may argue about how much time they should dedicate to certain tasks and how much they should be able to ask of each other in order to preserve their marriages. One topic that is often the basis of martial fights concerns something that everyone actually needs in their life: money.

Is alimony available in divorces in Ohio?

A divorce can be an emotionally and financially difficult time in the life of a Dublin resident. Not only must they learn to navigate the world as a single person after living their life as part of a married couple, but they must also figure out how to sustain themselves financially without their spouse's income. Not all divorcing parties are able to handle the latter scenario, and for those who need continuing financial help after their marriages have ended spousal support is available.

Getting let help with your unique divorce needs

It may seem that with the high number of divorces that pass through American courts each year the same issues might be rehashed and concluded with the same outcomes. This could not be farther from the truth. While two different Ohio couples, for example, may both have property and custody matters to resolve when they elect to end their marriages, how they choose to do so and the factors that may influence their outcomes are unique to their own lives.

Possible grounds for divorce in Ohio

When an Ohio court is asked to end a legal marriage, the parties to the divorce proceedings are asked to provide a reason for their desire to terminate their union. In Ohio, individuals can claim grounds for divorce based on fault and no-fault rationales. This post will discuss some of the grounds for divorce available under state law but readers should consult with their own attorneys about their individual legal cases.

Don't navigate divorce alone

Divorce is one of the most-stressful situations a person can go through. Between the emotional, financial, and interpersonal tribulations, it's important to have experienced guidance. Whether yours is a standard, uncontested matter or a contested complex situation, Gillespie Law, LLC, is prepared to be of assistance.

Don't rush through the financial aspects of divorce

Sometimes when a couple in Dublin decides to end their marriage, both parties want to get the matter over with as quickly as possible. However, it is important to take the time to carefully address all divorce legal issues, particularly financial issues. This is because the outcome of the property division process and any award of spousal support can last for the rest of a person's life. Therefore, it is in one's best interests to make sure they understand the decisions they are making when it comes to spousal support the division of assets and debts in a divorce.

Divorce and spousal support in Ohio

Alimony, today also commonly called spousal support, can be an important issue for many divorcing couples in Ohio. Many people harbor misconceptions about this provision gleaned from popular culture or their own friends and family.

What is considered separate property in an Ohio divorce?

When a person in Ohio is going through a divorce, they may be very worried about how their property will be divided between them and their ex. And, while property obtained during the course of the marriage is, in general, subject to property division, property that is deemed separate will not be subject to property division, and will be retained by the spouse who owns it.

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