Family law encompasses a wide variety of issues

by | Oct 6, 2017 | family law, Firm News

Some people in Ohio may think that attorneys who practice in family law only deal with divorces. They may be surprised to hear then that family law actually encompasses a wide variety of issues. Establishing paternity, establishing child custody and child support for unmarried parents, adoptions, legal separation and obtaining protection in instances of domestic abuse all fall under the umbrella of family law.

At our firm, attorney Ross Gillespie has dedicated his career to the practice of family law. We have represented clients not only in the divorce process, but in the dissolution process when fault is not required. We also understand that, as a person’s life goes on, circumstances will change. A divorce decree that worked initially may no longer reflect a party’s needs later on, necessitating a post-decree modification.

We have also handled child custody and visitation cases, both for parents going through a divorce and unmarried parents. We have also helped clients seek protective orders after being the victim of domestic abuse. We have helped clients wishing to grow their family through adoption. We have also helped clients establish paternity when necessary in a sensitive manner.

As you can see, family law issues run so much deeper than simply divorce. No one can tell what the future can bring, but what is important is that, when faced with a family law issue, you seek the help you need to make sure your rights are protected and that the issue is resolved in a fair, appropriate and satisfactory manner. To learn more about what family law issues attorneys in Ohio can address, please visit our family law website.