Wrongful Death

Taking Legal Action In Wrongful Death Cases

Tragically, your loved one died in an incident that was preventable. This is an example of a wrongful death, caused by the actions of another person, company or party. No financial compensation can replace your loved one. But it is crucial to pursue legal action against negligent parties. They must understand their wrongdoing, pay for their misdeed and learn so that a tragedy like this never happens again.

Gillespie Law, LLC, in Dublin, Ohio, is a seasoned law firm that has advocated for many clients and their families in wrongful death cases. While founding attorney Ross A. Gillespie is a seasoned litigator, he is also understanding, empathetic, compassionate and personal. He will listen intently, pursue an investigation and provide the legal guidance you need.

Seeking Compensation From Negligent Parties

Many scenarios exist that may lead to wrongful death. Mr. Gillespie and his team have represented clients in cases involving deaths caused by the negligence of:

  • A drunk or distracted driver
  • The person who served alcohol to an impaired driver
  • Health care professionals such as physicians and nurses
  • Manufacturers that produced defective parts to motor vehicles, homes or consumer products
  • Companies that forego safety standards or improperly train employees at places such as manufacturing and construction facilities

Leave no doubt that you will get effective, aggressive and reliable representation from our law firm. There may be no way to overcome the tragic death of a loved one, but we will help in whatever legal way possible.

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All it takes is the negligence of someone or some party to cause wrongful death. Now, you have a strong case to take legal action. Gillespie Law, LLC, in Dublin, Ohio, is an experienced law firm and seasoned litigator. We are compassionate, understanding and aggressive. We want to help you. Contact us online or call 614-602-6297.