Custody And Visitation

Protecting Your Parental Rights In Child Custody Matters

Custody wasn’t an issue when you were married and living together. However, when maintaining two separate households, it becomes a key issue for divorcing couples.Custody can refer to two separate questions: Who makes important decisions for the child (legal custody) and where does the child live (physical custody).

Within physical custody there are only two types: shared parenting or joint custody, where the child lives at different times with both parents, and sole custody, in which the child lives primarily with one parent.

At Gillespie Law, LLC, in Dublin, it is our experience that no two custody cases are the same. Every child is unique, just as every parent is. And that is why you need experienced representation, to protect your parental rights and help you present your unique case as effectively as possible.

Presenting Effective Cases In Franklin County And Beyond

Courts in Ohio can be relied on to act in what they perceive to be the best interests of a child. Many factors feed into this decision, including the needs of the child, income of both parents, their educational backgrounds, their roles as primary or secondary caregivers, any criminal history that exists and the relationship of each parent with the child.

Mothers do not have an automatic advantage over fathers. The richer parent has no automatic advantage over the parent with fewer resources. The court mainly wants to know what is best for the child. It may require psychological evaluation of the child and/or each parent.

Resolving Visitation, Parenting Rights And Relocation Issues

Once the court accepts child custody and visitation agreements, a custodial parent may not move to another state without applying to modify the custody order.

These days, many parents are skipping this step and relocating without court permission. When this happens, relocating parents may be ordered by the court to return to their previous place of residence.

The best course of action is to communicate and plan relocations and resolve differences before they become serious, and seriously expensive. Our lawyers are available to help you enter into this discussion.

Effective Negotiation Designed To Protect Your Interests

The ideal way to resolve child custody issues for both parents to get on the same page the court is on is — determine the best interests of the child. With a bit of compromise, a custody arrangement can be found that both sides can agree to. This negotiation occurs outside the courtroom, and we have experienced impressive breakthroughs using this method.

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