Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Compassionate Representation In Domestic Violence Cases

The state of Ohio added acts of domestic violence to its criminal code in 1979. In the years since then, victims of domestic violence have had recourse for relief under the law — the issuance of protective orders keeping the abusive family member away.

The law defined domestic violence as actions causing physical harm, attempting to cause physical harm, or making threats of physical harm to a family or household member.

It was a major step forward that beatings and other forms of physical abuse were criminalized. But the law brought new complexities that often require the assistance of a family law practitioner.

Proactive Representation To Protect Your Rights And Interests

At Gillespie Law, LLC, we assist individuals on both sides of the accusation of domestic violence: those seeking an order of protection, and those facing or defending against a request for an order of protection. Having a skilled protective orders attorney at your side will help you protect your rights and responsibilities.

Key Points For Those Impacted By Domestic Abuse In Franklin County

The important thing for victims of violence to understand is that protection is not automatic once you call the police. Orders of protection must be formally requested. We can help you take this step and introduce you to other groups and resources that will understand and be of assistance.

It is important for those accused of domestic violence to know that domestic violence is a serious public charge, and even if you are not convicted it can affect your job prospects, your relationships and especially the terms of your divorce. It sometimes happens that one party makes false or exaggerated claims of abuse about the other to obtain an advantage in divorce or custody hearings.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, Gillespie Law, LLC, will stand with you in obtaining a restraining order. If you are the subject of a temporary restraining order, we can represent you at the hearing for the final restraining order.


What is the difference between a civil protection order (CPO) and a civil stalking protection order (CSPO)?

There are numerous differences and some similarities between these different orders. The main difference is that a CPO proceeding is normally between people residing in the same household or who have a relationship. A CSPO proceeding is not always between people who live together and can be granted in a wider variety of situations?

Should I request an order of protection?

It depends. This is not an easy decision, and these cases can have drastic effects on all parties involved. However, if you are in danger of physical harm or have already suffered physical harm, you should first call the police department and then at a minimum seek advice from a licensed attorney. Many times, victims of domestic violence are also entitled to various financial assistance programs and support from victims’ advocates.

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