Legal Separation

Navigating The Legal Separation Process

A legal separation occurs when the parties have physically separated but, for a variety of reasons, are not ready to completely terminate the marital relationship. At the Franklin County law office of Gillespie Law, LLC, we can help you use this option if you are contemplating divorce. We encourage you to contact us today to discuss your situation and if legal separation may be a good choice for you.

When Divorce Is Not (Yet) On The Table

In a legal separation proceeding, all the same steps are taken as in a divorce. Court papers are filed, and the court, or the parties, must determine all issues as it relates to the division of:

  • Marital assets and liabilities
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody
  • Parenting time
  • Child support

The big difference is that the end result is the parties are still legally married, but are legally separated. Religious reasons or issues of health insurance are often the factors in the decision-making process to obtain a legal separation rather than a divorce.

All these issues and terms can be discussed at the time of your initial meeting with our experienced legal separation attorney. We will take the time to learn about your unique situation and counsel you accordingly. We can also help you dissolve legal separation agreements if circumstances change and you and your ex decide to reconcile, or if you decide that dissolution is necessary and divorce is the best path.

Contact Us To Determine Whether Separation Is The Right Option For You

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