Helping Couples With Marriage Dissolution

Dissolution in Ohio is an option that does not require that you stipulate a fault in ending the marriage, and avoids much of the drawn-out process and cost associated with divorce.

Think Of Dissolution As An Inexpensive, Quick Divorce

You don’t file for a dissolution until both sides agree on all the issues that divorce brings up: child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, division of property, payment of debts and payment of attorney fees. Until these divorce issues are resolved, the dissolution will not go forward.

Ensuring A Smooth, Orderly Process

In general, it is a less adversarial proceeding, with both sides voluntarily sharing information. There is a role, however, for attorneys and professionals such as accountants who help evaluate property.

Since you don’t go to court until most of the work is done, you avoid temporary orders and hearings. In the end the marriage is ended, just like with a divorce. The difference is, it was easier to do and faster.

A Potential Solution For Couples From All Walks of Life

Dissolution works for couples with normal kinds of assets and also those with high net worth assets. It is a solution people turn to when they want to minimize the drama and expense of contested divorce.

At Gillespie Law, LLC, we have extensive experience with both divorce and dissolution. We can work with you on dissolution from beginning to end. We invite you to call us to discuss what is best for you.

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