Military Divorce

A Trusted Ally For Military Divorce In Ohio

It is distressing to see Ohio military families struggle with relationships, in addition to all the other pressures they feel. At Gillespie Law, LLC, an important part of our practice is helping military service members and their spouses sort through the complexities of divorce, child custody and visitation.

Soldiers sometimes need someone to fight for them. If you are in need, contact Gillespie Law, LLC, today.

We Understand The Unique Issues Confronting Military Families

Many people don’t know that military divorce is handled through civilian courts. While military divorce is largely the same as any divorce, there are a number of issues that set it apart:

  • The issue of location. Many of our clients live in this area but are deployed overseas, a dozen time zones away. Not every firm is set up to handle that.
  • The issue of property division. Military families are paid in a different way and have benefits most lawyers doing property division are unfamiliar with.
  • The issue of discretion. A messy divorce can affect military careers. We understand the importance of maintaining a low profile.

Thoughtful Solutions For Relocation And Military Children

Issues of child custody cause special problems for military families. Parents who relocate frequently or are deployed abroad to serve their country should not lose their parental rights.

Contact Us For Knowledgeable Representation In Military Divorce Cases

Military divorce requires a lawyer who “gets” the special requirements of service members. If you or your spouse is in the service, and you need guidance to get you through divorce, the number to call is 614-602-6297 or contact us online. From our offices in Dublin, we provide representation for individuals throughout central Ohio.

Gillespie Law, LLC, is grateful for the service and sacrifice military families make for the rest of us. For this reason, we make every effort to give service members and their families top priority as they work through their problems.