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When marriages end and the two individuals are unable to agree to the terms for a dissolution, the only remaining option is to file for a divorce.

Ohio is mostly a “fault” state for divorce, meaning individuals must demonstrate grounds for divorce. Grounds include incompatibility, adultery, habitual drunkenness, extreme mental cruelty and emotional distress. The only “no-fault” grounds for divorce are “living apart for a year, without interruption and without cohabitation” and incompatibility not denied by either party.

A Timeline For Divorce

Once the divorce is filed, and the other spouse is informed of the filing, that spouse has 28 days to file an answer or a counterclaim.

After that, there may be a temporary orders hearing, a pretrial or a status conference. Eventually, the case is scheduled for trial. The trial will occur within 12 months if no children are involved, and 18 months if there are children. Some cases go beyond these parameters.

Experienced, Compassionate Representation For All Divorce-Related Matters

Divorce litigation is really an umbrella for a host of underlying issues:

Alimony and spousal support

Child custody

Child support

Domestic violence/protection orders


Post-decree modifications

Asset protection

Business valuation

At Gillespie Law, LLC, our Franklin County divorce attorney is able to assist you in working through all of these problems. We also have specific experience dealing with the circumstances of military divorce, assessing retirement benefits and how divorce affects estate planning.

Dividing Property And Assessing Marital Debt

In a divorce, the court will decide the division of assets and liabilities. Either side may ask for temporary orders, to determine the division of marital bills. These orders are only temporary until the court decides the final matters.

Working Toward Agreements On Custody And Support

Other issues go on the table as well, chief among them being child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. Gillespie Law, LLC, has deep experience with these and every other issue presented in a divorce. We invite you to call us and discuss your needs.

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