Post-Decree Modifications

Legal Help For Seeking Or Stopping Modifications

Our Franklin County attorney for divorce and custody modifications at Gillespie Law, LLC, assists divorced people in the greater Columbus area seeking to make changes to a court order. We also represent people wishing to stop a modification that will adversely affect them. The order may be the temporary support order, the final decree or any other order. The change must be made before a judge.

It often happens that the terms of a divorce are acceptable at the time of the divorce, but become less applicable as time goes by. Children grow older, parents’ financial pictures change, and, sometimes, one parent wants to relocate and the original divorce decree no longer seems relevant.

Modifications Reflecting A Change Of Circumstance

These are the kinds of situations requiring modification:

One parent wishes to relocate to Colorado. The other parent asks to alter the terms of custody and visitation.

One parent is arrested, or has behaved abusively, or has serious health problems. The other parent wishes to change the custody agreement.

One parent is laid off and wants to lower his/her child support and alimony payments until he/she is employed again.

One parent’s income has greatly increased since the original decree, and the other parent wishes to increase child support payments.

A significant asset was overlooked in the property settlement, so both parties agree to a redivision of property.

The child is in high school now, but the custody and visitation plan is for an 8-year-old.

Working To Reach An Agreement That Is Acceptable For Both Sides

In Ohio, divorced persons are not permitted to change the agreement on their own — they must file the change with the court. Gillespie Law, LLC, has deep experience filing these kinds of modifications and is creative in drawing up plans that are acceptable to both sides.

Contact Us If Changed Circumstances Require A Change To Your Divorce Agreement

If you are planning to modify the terms of your divorce, hire a lawyer who knows the law and can help you avoid delays and disputation. Call Gillespie Law, LLC, at 614-602-6297 or contact us online. From our offices in Dublin, we provide representation for individuals throughout central Ohio.