Estate Planning

Skilled Estate Planning Guidance

Gillespie Law, LLC, is a full-service estate planning law firm, addressing all the problems people in our area face as they plan for the time when their life’s assets change hands.

The Franklin County law offices of Gillespie Law, LLC, can meet all of your estate planning needs. If you are in need of a last will and testament, or to update an old one, we can assist. We can also help you if you think you may want a living trust. In our initial meeting, we will discuss with you the difference between a trust and a will, and help you decide which one is right for your particular situation.

Taking The Complexity Out Of Estate Planning

Our goal is to take the complicated estate planning process and make it understandable and doable. These are the main areas we offer help in:

  • Estates
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Living wills
  • Powers of attorney (both medical and financial)
  • Special needs trusts
  • Medicare and Medicaid planning

The Necessity Of Having A Will

If we could make only one suggestion to you, it would be: Make out a will. Half of all Americans who die do not have a legal will, and the result is a mess for family members and other heirs. They are not difficult to create, but they must be done right, or they will fail.

Do I need to update my will?

If your last will and testament are more than 10 years old, and you have had many changes in your life, such as children, children becoming adults or a passing of a loved one, we suggest that you revise your last will and testament.

Do I need a new will if I have moved?

Each state has different laws regarding probating an estate. We do suggest if you are new to Ohio and had your last will and testament drafted in another state, pursuant to its laws, we suggest that you obtain a new last will and testament, pursuant to Ohio law.

We urge you to be wary of downloadable will forms available online. You need an actual human lawyer, in person, to guide you through all the choices you must make. Call Gillespie Law, LLC, of Dublin, Ohio, at 614-602-6297.

We Can Help You Draft Powers Of Attorney Documents

As you get older, it is imperative that you appoint someone trustworthy to help you manage your affairs. We fashion medical powers of attorney so that you can assign a person who knows your wishes and makes choices for you when you no longer can. And we create financial powers of attorney so that your monetary assets are kept out of the wrong hands.

The Power Of A Special Needs Trust

Parents want to know how to plan for the future of children with special needs. There are many options you can select from in creating a special needs trust. Gillespie Law, LLC, can help you fashion the right trust for your child or loved one.

What are other estate planning considerations?

Often, when a person or couple has minor children, they wish to find a way to preserve the assets until the minor is of a mature age. We can help with that as well. Documents that also go along with a last will and testament or living trust are power of attorney documents.

There are several different types of POAs that we will discuss with you at our initial meeting and determine which, if any, are right for you. Living wills have also become a hot topic since the Terri Schiavo case in Florida. We will discuss a living will and the situations in which it is utilized. A living will is a very personal decision for each individual, and we will discuss the options and legal terms that go along with a living will.

Not every family law firm has the knowledge to include estate planning as part of its practice. Estate planning requires advanced knowledge about forms and procedures, about the many instruments available for use and about the tax ramifications of inheritance. Gillespie Law, LLC, has this knowledge and experience, and is pleased to offer it to you.

Contact Us For Help When It Comes To Planning For The Future

If you are making plans for your estate or wish to review plans you have already made, contact us online or call 614-602-6297. From our offices in Dublin, we provide representation for individuals throughout central Ohio.