Civil Litigation

Proven Results In Civil Litigation

At the Franklin County law offices of Gillespie Law, LLC, we represent clients engaged in many different kinds of disputes. These range from a disagreement over:

Property lines or easements

A product or service that caused a customer harm

Landlord-tenant problems

Problems with collecting money owed

Dealing with defamation

Fraud perpetrated by any kind of commercial entity

Medical malpractice litigation

Personal injury cases, including defense

Instances of invasion of privacy

Small-claims disputes

Assertive Representation In Civil Disputes

It is not true that no case is too small. But in our practice, we participate with clients in a wide variety of civil suits, involving just about industry, and coming in every shape and size.

To these cases, Gillespie Law, LLC, brings the ability to gather evidence, the ability to analyze and strategize, the ability to communicate clearly and assertively, and the willingness to take a dispute to trial if that is the only way to obtain a fair result.

We also take appeals cases and contested appeals.

Are you engaged in a serious dispute with another party? Even if you don’t go to trial, it is a powerful advantage to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Q & A

Am I entitled to a court-appointed attorney/public defender in a civil case?

Normally the answer to this question is no. However, depending on income and other qualifications, you may be able to get assistance from legal aid organizations or legal clinics at your local law school or university.

What can I get in my civil case?

The recovery or damages that a person can recover in a civil case varies greatly, and it depends on a wide variety of factors. Oftentimes, this answer is also highly unpredictable in jury trials as well. If you are considering a civil case to recover compensation for damages you have incurred, you should discuss all possibilities and impacts such a case can have.

Why is my case taking so long?

The case schedule for civil cases varies greatly from one court to the next, and depends on the efficiency and docket volume of the court. Oftentimes, civil cases take longer than criminal cases. This is for a variety of reasons. First, in most criminal cases defendants have a constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial. This normally results in criminal cases being given priority over civil cases and can also result in several continuances if a court has a large volume of criminal cases. The other reason is that a civil case has many different stages and phases that all take certain amounts of time. For instance, discovery in one case may take several months longer than another case and often depends on the issues and parties involved.

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