November is National Adoption Month, with a focus on teens

by | Nov 3, 2017 | adoption, Firm News

When prospective parents in Ohio envision adopting a child, they may be envisioning bringing home a newborn infant. However, there are many older children who are in need of a permanent home and parents, especially teenagers. In fact, currently in the United States, nearly 12,500 children in need of adoptive parents are between the ages of 15 and 17.

Unfortunately, many of these teens are not adopted, and at age 18 or 21, exit the foster care system during a point in their lives where they really need adult role models, as well as people who can provide for their emotional and legal needs. Therefore, the Children’s Bureau has announced that the November 2017 National Adoption Month will focus on the adoption of teens. The theme is “Teens Need Families, No Matter What.”

Teenagers have been the focus of both the 2015 and 2016 National Adoption Months as well. This year, information has been made available online that will assist child welfare agencies in developing workable response protocols. Also, information will be made available online for prospective parents who want to know what to expect when adopting a teen and where they can go for support.

Children in Ohio of all ages deserve to have the love and support of a parent. Therefore, prospective parents wishing to adopt should not immediately write off adopting an older child or teen. There are many positive aspects of adopting an older child or teen that will benefit both the adoptive parent and the child. Those who want more information about adoption in Ohio are encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney, who can guide them through the process toward completing their family.