Don’t navigate divorce alone

by | Feb 9, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

Divorce is one of the most-stressful situations a person can go through. Between the emotional, financial, and interpersonal tribulations, it’s important to have experienced guidance. Whether yours is a standard, uncontested matter or a contested complex situation, Gillespie Law, LLC, is prepared to be of assistance.

One type of divorce that can be particularly difficult is military divorce. We fully understand the special problems that arise in divorces of our service men and women. We greatly appreciate their service, and it is our honor to represent and assist those with difficult matters. From determining what state and district a case should be filed in to creating a custodial plan for parents who live on separate coasts, we offer the assistance necessary.

From the first consult, to the last day on a case, our clients always receive direct, honest answers and advice from us, just as we would want to be treated. We believe that clients who are already in a difficult situation benefit most from an attorney whom they can trust to tell them the bad as well as the good. We do not withhold any information. Our directness and honesty foster trustworthy attorney-client relationships and are a large contributing factor to our success.

Attempting to navigate the difficulties of any type of divorce will only increase the amount of stress involved. Instead of traveling down that path alone, seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help those involved in such situations approach decisions from a level-headed and beneficial angle. For more information, please visit our divorce page.