What role might virtual visitation play in an Ohio custody order?

by | Mar 23, 2018 | child custody, Firm News

Some people say that the world is getting smaller because people are so easily connected by telecommunications and personal electronic devices. What once may have required a person to write a long physical letter and mail it through precarious channels to reach a distant recipient can now be communicated almost instantly through texting with individuals all across the globe. A Dublin, Ohio, resident can get in touch with a Dublin, Ireland, resident in a matter of moments, as long as they have each other’s telephone numbers or email addresses.

The same holds true for families. Relocation is a common occurrence for Americans and it is not unusual for a family to be uprooted by a job change and be forced to resettle in a new and unfamiliar community. This can be hard on individuals who are raising kids in a marriage; this can be even harder on families of divorce when one parent has to move away from their children and risk losing custodial powers.

Some American jurisdictions have embraced a way to use this modern era of connectivity to maintain familial bonds despite divorce and distance. Termed virtual visitation, this form of visitation grants parents the right to connect with their kids by phone, email, text, Skype and a myriad of other platforms when they cannot be in the same physical space. A parent who has physical custody of their child cannot interfere with the other parent’s virtual visitation rights without risking sanctions for their conduct.

Virtual visitation may not be a perfect substitute for real time experiences between parents and kids but can it can help some families stay connected despite relocations. Readers who wish to learn more about custody and visitation matters in Ohio are encouraged to speak with their preferred family law attorneys.