Getting answers to important child custody questions

by | Apr 12, 2018 | child custody, Firm News

Parents in Ohio rarely find it easy to end their marriages. In fact, some wait until their kids are out of the house to terminate their relationships simply because they do not want to put the stress of child custody arrangements on them. It can be incredibly difficult for parents to tell their kids that their lives are going to be uprooted as their parents split their household into two.

However, working through the details of a child custody plan pursuant to a divorce does not have to be traumatic. Parents can often find workable solutions to their custodial expectations that both fulfill the parents’ desires to spend time with their children, but also meet the very important standard of serving the kids’ best interests.

As custody matters involve both the details of where the children will physically live and the assignment of legal custody rights to the parents, there can be a lot to discuss to work out a plan that meets everyone’s needs. Keeping track of custody negotiations and advocating for one’s own parental rights can be challenging for those who are also in the middle of ending their marriages.

For these reasons, it can be very useful for individuals to work with family law attorneys who handle divorces, but who also understand the very delicate nature of child custody proceedings. Making sure that the children of a divorce are properly considered is paramount to divorcing parents and it should also be a priority for the legal representatives who work with them. Gillespie Law, a law firm in Dublin, Ohio, is prepared to offer parents legal counsel and support as they tackle the difficult process of establishing custody of their kids.