What child support enforcement penalties can Ohio parents face?

by | Apr 19, 2018 | family law, Firm News

Child support is an important way for a non-custodial parent to maintain financial responsibility over the child and a significant way for a child who lives with only one of their parents to have the financial support they need to get by. However, it can become a serious legal matter when a parent stops pay court ordered child support.

Child Support Enforcement Agencies are located throughout the state and are tasked with compelling non-paying parents into getting current on their child support obligations. These agencies have many tools to use to get parents into compliance.

First, a parent who stops paying child support may see their wages and earnings withheld and applied to their delinquent child support obligation. Next, they may have liens placed on their property so that if they ever sell those items or parcels the proceeds of the sale would go toward the child support obligations.

More drastic action can be taken as well. Courts and the agencies can issue bench warrants for the arrest of delinquent parents and can rule in favor of contempt of court requests, which can land parents in jail. They can suspend non-compliant parents’ driving privileges and they can have parents’ passport applications denied.

There are many issues a parent can face if they stop paying their child support. An option when it comes to non-compliance for many parents is requesting a modification, and family law attorneys can help their clients in Ohio work toward favorable resolutions to their child support problems.