Getting let help with your unique divorce needs

by | May 10, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

It may seem that with the high number of divorces that pass through American courts each year the same issues might be rehashed and concluded with the same outcomes. This could not be farther from the truth. While two different Ohio couples, for example, may both have property and custody matters to resolve when they elect to end their marriages, how they choose to do so and the factors that may influence their outcomes are unique to their own lives.

For instance, two couples may have different careers and the partners may have different earning capacities. They may own different types or different quantities of property and one may have a prenuptial agreement in place while the other may not.

One of the couples may have a single child with special needs while the other may have multiple children ranging in age from only a few months old to into their teens. A partner in one couple may stay home while both of the partners in the other hold out of the home jobs. These are only a handful of the many ways that two divorces may look similar on their surfaces, but may contain very different issues.

It is dangerous to generalize divorce as a common process, because despite its ubiquitous nature it is singular to the individuals who decide to pursue it. When considering divorce, it is important that individuals work with legal professionals who recognize that the ends of their marriages are not just more of the same family law matters. In Dublin, Gillespie Law offers comprehensive and client-specific family law and divorce legal services to men and women who desire to have their unique divorce needs recognized and prioritized.