Is alimony available in divorces in Ohio?

by | May 31, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

A divorce can be an emotionally and financially difficult time in the life of a Dublin resident. Not only must they learn to navigate the world as a single person after living their life as part of a married couple, but they must also figure out how to sustain themselves financially without their spouse’s income. Not all divorcing parties are able to handle the latter scenario, and for those who need continuing financial help after their marriages have ended spousal support is available.

Spousal support is sometimes called alimony. It is paid from one divorcing party to the other so that the recipient may maintain their financial solvency. Not all divorce cases will include an award or agreement for spousal support, and courts in Ohio look at many factors to decide if it is appropriate in specific cases.

For example, if both of the parties to a divorce are employed and self-sufficient during and after their divorce, there may not be any need for one to pay the other alimony. Additionally, if one spouse sacrificed their career and earning potential to handle the domestic duties of their marriage and family and is not equipped to enter the workforce after the divorce, that spouse may have a case for receiving alimony from their ex-spouse.

There is no guaranteed formula for ensuring that alimony or spousal support will be awarded in a divorce in Ohio divorce. Rather, parties who are preparing to end their marriages should take their questions and concerns to their divorce and family law attorneys. Lawyers who work in this field are well-suited to work through their clients’ inquiries regarding the suitability of alimony in their pending divorces.