Special considerations for an international adoption

by | May 24, 2018 | adoption, Firm News

Although some Ohio residents choose to adopt children from within their own communities, others expand their searches for children to locations far and wide. International adoptions are popular in the United States, but those who wish to bring children home from other countries should be prepared to face special issues that will not apply to domestic adoption cases.

One of the first considerations that those interested in international adoption should recognize is the fact that not all countries permit Americans to adopt from them. For example, the United States has banned adoptions from Cambodia and Vietnam because of evidence that those nations were engaging in “baby pedaling” of their children.

Additionally, individuals who wish to bring children into the country must complete immigration documentation that will allow their new children to enter and legally stay in the United States once they arrive. The failure to secure proper paperwork can result in delays or problems with the child’s legal status as an American.

Finally, those who plan to pursue international adoptions should know that the United States government cannot play an active role in the success of their pursuits. The Department of State can provide individuals with adoption information, but generally cannot intervene on their behalf when problems arise or guarantee the success of international adoptions.

All adoptions are challenging legal processes, but international adoptions present their own unique complications. Readers who wish to pursue this process are encouraged to educate themselves about international adoption with the help of legal representatives who work in this particular field of family law.