Preparing children and schedules for the new school year

by | Aug 16, 2018 | child custody, Firm News

The back to school season is upon Ohio families and all across the state children are slowly filtering back to their educational institutions. While some may be returning to familiar schools, others may be transitioning to new schools as they advance through higher grades.

With the start of the new school year comes the incredible balancing act that parents must perform in order to stay on top of their children’s schedules.

This can be hard on all families, but families that work with child custody plans can struggle with the changes that come with new classes, new after school activities, and new educational commitments. As they get deeper and deeper into the new academic year parents, may discover that the plans that once worked for them and their children are now deficient.

Ohio parents can elect to pursue changes to their child custody plans. These modifications can serve to provide their children with the support and scheduling they need to thrive academically, enjoy their extracurricular activities, and grow their relationships with their parents. Modifications can be achieved through the agreement of the parents or may be sought through the courts with judicial intervention.

Gillespie Law, a Dublin-based family law firm, is open and available to individuals who want to help their kids lead the best lives they can. Reaching one’s potential can involve making changes to a plan that no longer meets a family’s needs and that no longer supports a child’s passions and interests. To learn more about child custody and visitation modifications, interested readers are invited to learn more about Gillespie Law and the many services its attorneys provide through the firm’s webpage on child custody.