Pursuing adoption as a single parent

by | Aug 23, 2018 | adoption, Firm News

Bringing a child into one’s home through adoption is a life-changing process both for the new parent and the child. Often Ohio couples decide to adopt to grow their marital families, but increasingly men and women throughout the nation have made efforts to adopt as single individuals. While single parent adoption was once almost impossible, it is gaining wider acceptance across the country.

Single parents face many of the same challenges that couples may face when they are preparing to adopt. They may struggle with the emotional aspects of changing their lives through adoption. They may worry about how they will financially support a child with the income that they earn. At the end of the day, they may have concerns about their abilities to give their prospective children everything that they need to grow with love and support.

Single parents may face some unique challenges as well. Depending upon their support systems they may experience reluctance from their loved ones and peers about their decisions to adopt. They may also face concern and outright rejection from birth parents who do not want their children to be raised by individuals. They can even be pushed aside by adoption agencies who prioritize the cases of couples over individuals.

Deciding to adopt is a huge deal whether a person has a partner to share it with or not. Single men and women who want to be parents and want to achieve that goal through adoption do not have to struggle through the process alone. Family law advocates can support them and their decisions to become parents and to provide children with the stable, caring homes that they deserve.