Helping clients fight for the spousal support they need

by | Oct 4, 2018 | family law, Firm News

Not long ago, this family law blog posted an article on how individuals may seek to change the spousal support orders and agreements that govern their financial relationships with their former partners. It is generally the case that an Ohio couple will only be able to make such modifications if there is a special circumstance that justifies the change. If no change is warranted the agreement or order will continue to operate as executed.

However, changing a spousal support order presupposes that an order was mandated to begin with. Not all Ohio divorces will produce spousal support agreements and orders, and if a party to a divorce wishes to receive support from their soon-to-be ex they may need to fight for their request. Many factors are considered when a court decides if spousal support is appropriate and having a dedicated family law advocate on one’s side can make a difference if the request is contested.

The attorneys of the Gillespie Law Firm are committed to serving the legal needs of the men and women who they represent. Spousal support can be a contentious issue as a marriage comes to its end through divorce and the counsel of a trusted family law attorney can provide a person with confidence to press for what they need.

Spousal support may be a necessary financial component of a person getting back on their feet when their marriage ends and without it they may be unable to take care of themselves. The Gillespie Law Firm is prepared to advise new and existing clients on the topic of spousal support and how best to fight for their own needs as they approach their divorces.