Should a parent fight for joint physical custody of their child?

by | Jan 9, 2019 | child custody, Firm News

Giving up time with one’s child is one of the hardest things that a parent in Ohio may have to endure when they choose to seek a divorce from their spouse. This is because a divorce forces two married people to return to their separate and single lives and to divide up what they share into new living arrangements. This can also mean dividing up the time that each gets to spend with the kids they share.

In Ohio, child custody decisions are made based on the best interests of the individual children who appear in the family courts of the state. That means that while some children may benefit from moving back and forth between the homes of their parents in joint physical custody arrangements, others may need the stability of a single home. To this end, parents can fight for joint physical custody of their kids, but should expect that the courts may rule against them if such plans will not serve the needs of the children.

Courts will look at many factors to decide if a child will thrive or suffer in a joint custody plan. The child’s wishes, the wishes of the parents, the relationship the child has with each of their parents as well as the child’s educational, medical and social needs will all be reviewed by their family law judge. Only if joint physical custody will support those necessities will it be ordered.

Parents can help their kids through divorce when they choose to work together and recognize the unique and wonderful characteristics of their kids. Not all kids will benefit from joint custody plans, but as with all family law issues, it is important that readers get more information about their own unique child custody questions.