Shutdown may impact parents’ ability to pay child support

by | Jan 24, 2019 | family law, Firm News

Regardless of where a person lives in this country, they are likely aware that the federal government has been in a state of shutdown. This means that thousands of workers have been told not to come into work, and that thousands more are expected to do their jobs without receiving any pay. Ohio residents may be personally affected by this national event or may know others who are struggling to pay their bills as the shutdown looms into the future.

Many government workers have reported that they do not have the savings to continue to pay their bills if they do not receive paychecks soon. This could mean that their housing could be threatened, their medical care may need to be put on hold and their obligations to their families may need to wait. This could also mean that some parents who are required to provide child support for their minor kids may not be able to come up with the payments they are supposed to make.

Changes in circumstance can be the basis of a modification to a child support order, and government workers who are not getting paid because they cannot go to work may need to look into this and other options if they cannot provide their kids with what they need. Family law options may offer parents a way to avoid the penalties of falling behind on their child support as they wait to get back to work.

Many events can impact a parent’s ability to stay current on their child support payments. Throughout the country, mothers and fathers are scrambling to take care of their kids and to manage the important financial support that they provide to those who do not live with them.