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by | Feb 14, 2019 | divorce, Firm News

It is a trend that may surprise some and may make sense to others: In January, more people file for divorce that in other months of the year. This is thought to happen because individuals want to get through the holidays without disrupting their families. It may also occur because some resolve to be happier in the New Year and experiencing more joy may mean letting go of a spouse.

It is now February and Ohio residents may still be riding this trend and wondering what options they have for ending their marriages. Divorce is a heavy legal matter that has many implications for how the custody of children, the division of wealth, and the distribution of property may be handled. How these and other important matters are managed can have long-term consequences on the life of a person after their marriage has ended, and therefore it is in their interests to ensure that their divorce happens appropriately and on their terms.

The Gillespie Law Firm is located in Dublin, Ohio, and offers legal representation and support to men and women who are facing a number of family law issues, including divorce. They are strong advocates for their clients’ needs and fight to provide them with the knowledge and options they require to work through their divorces and come out with their rights and futures intact.

The start of the year can be a busy time in the divorce courts of the country, and individuals who want to get the most out of their divorce cases often benefit from associating with legal counselors. The Gillespie Law Firm is open to new clients who are ready to begin learning more about their options for ending their marriages.