What happens if parents cannot agree about their child’s custody?

by | Feb 20, 2019 | child custody, Firm News

The divorce or separation of a couple in Ohio can require the parties to make many important legal and financial decisions. As they choose where they will live and who will retain control over certain parcels and items of property, they may also need to work out how they will share in the responsibilities of raising their kids. Child custody plans provide guidance to parents on how they will work together to provide their kids with the support they need despite the end of their parents’ relationship. While some parents can work out solid child custody agreements, others may struggle to find common ground with their former partners.

When parents cannot agree about the custody of their kids their case may go to court so that a judge can make a decision about how to resolve the matter. When a court intervenes, the judge in the case will look at the best interests of the child or children to decide where they should live, which parent should be responsible for their day-to-day needs and if the parents can share physical custody between them.

Parents should not rely on the child custody outcomes of their friends or acquaintances to be controlling in their own cases. The needs of individual children are considered in each and every child custody case.

Parents can work together to resolve their custodial issues or they may turn to the courts to have judicial orders issued for them. However, child custody issues are resolved the best interests of the children will generally control how the physical and legal custody of the children is established between their parents.