Child support is for more than a child’s basic needs

by | Mar 6, 2019 | family law, Firm News

If parents in Ohio were to total up all of the costs that they must cover to provide their children with what they need, they may come up with a staggering figure. Aside from the food, shelter, clothing and warmth that the child needs to stay healthy, a parent may add in costs associated with education, extracurricular activities, entertainment, transportation, out-of-home care and more. Raising a child is expensive and often requires the contributions of both parents.

When parents live together they can pool their resources to make sure that their children are provided for. However, when parents are divorced or choose to live separately, they must find a balance wherein their child has a stable home and the financial support necessary to allow them to continue to live their life. This can mean that the child’s non-custodial parent will need to pay child support to the custodial parent to keep up with the costs of caring for the child.

In Ohio, there are guidelines that courts use to determine how much money a parent should pay in child support. Parents may also come up with their own agreements regarding child support, as long as they provide for their children’s best interests. Whether by agreement or order, a child support plan will require parents to cover more than a child’s basic costs to ensure that they are able to live a full life.

Family law options need to be considered when it comes to divorce and separation and how such proceedings will impact a child’s life.