Facing the many aspects of a divorce in Ohio

by | Mar 27, 2019 | divorce, Firm News

A divorce is a difficult event for a family to endure and may impose stress and burden upon partners, parents and children. Just getting to the end of a contentious divorce may be the goal of a Dublin resident, but it is important that as a person works to end their legal relationship with their soon-to-be ex-spouse that they must also address a number of other important issues. Those issues can relate to how their money and property are divided up, as well as how their children will be cared for in the future.

Practically all divorces involve property settlement negotiations, in which the parties to the legal proceedings decide how their marital property should be divided. While separate property may be taken by its owners, marital property is property that may be rightfully claimed by either partner. These negotiations can be vital to making sure a person has what they need once they are out of their relationship.

Additionally, matters of support and custody can be critical to the outcome of a pending divorce. Alimony and child support are significant in that they provide affected individuals with financial backing after a marriage ends, custody establishes when and where children will be with their parents as well as which of those parents may make decisions about their upbringings.

A divorce ends a marriage, but for most people it involves so much more than just breaking the bond between two people. To learn more about how our law firm supports our divorce clients, readers may visit Gillespie Law online.