When do courts order sole physical custody of children?

by | Apr 25, 2019 | child custody, Firm News

Child custody is a complex legal issue and can affect families in Dublin in different ways. As Ohio courts look to protect the best interests of the children whose custody matters appear in their chambers, it is important that our readers remember that different custody cases will be resolved based on their own unique facts and issues. Sole physical custody can be ordered for different reasons.

Sole physical custody is often ordered when one parent is not capable of providing care to their child. The reason for their inability to take care of their child can vary. For example, a parent who is actively deployed in the military may not be able to give day-to-day care to their child, but neither may a parent who is incarcerated in jail.

If a parent is physically present by mentally incapable of providing for their child’s daily needs they may also be denied physical custody rights. In unfortunate cases in which parents have been accused of or proven to have abused children or other family members, courts may deny those parents physical access to their kids to protect them from harm. The well-being of children is paramount when custodial matters are being decided.

If a parent is denied physical custody of their child, they may have options for seeking visitation time. Depending upon their case and their children’s needs, visitation may be ordered on a schedule, with supervision or subject to other rules and restrictions. It is important for parents to understand all of the pertinent information about physical custody and sole custody.