What prospective parents should know about adoption

by | May 2, 2019 | adoption, Firm News

While some Ohio residents give birth to their own biological children, others choose to expand their families through the adoption process. As our readers may know, adoptions can be open or closed, domestic or international, and can involve many different requirements.

When preparing to adopt a child there are many pieces of information that individuals should have to prepare themselves. An adoption creates a legal relationship between an adult and a child that makes that adult responsible for the child’s health and welfare. It also makes them responsible for the financial aspects of raising a child. Individuals who are not financially prepared to care for children may wish to delay their adoption proceedings.

Additionally, the relationship between a parent and their adopted child does not end when that child reaches the age of majority. Just as biological children are still related to their biological parents when they become adults, so too do adopted children remain the relatives of their adoptive parents. Adoption creates a lifelong bond.

Finally, not every adoption proceeds smoothly and the process can take years to complete. Depending on factors that are relevant to individual adoption cases, an adoption may be met with challenges, delays and possible threats to its eventual completion. Because adoption is a legal process and changes the rights and responsibilities of those involved, it is important to understand all of the legal options. Case-specific guidance may be able to help Ohio residents with building their families and supporting children through the oftentimes complex adoption process.