How spousal support is established in Ohio

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | family law

Spousal support can be an important topic when two Ohio residents choose to divorce. It is always important that individuals seek legal advice from practitioners they know and who are familiar with their case. This post should not be used as legal advice.

Whether spousal support will be awarded during an Ohio divorce will depend on many factors. Of particular interest to the courts is the amount of income that the parties each earn. If one party was the primary breadwinner and the other did not have a job outside the home, the latter party may struggle to pay for their own needs once they are out of the marriage.

Additionally, courts will look at whether the parties have the capacity to earn incomes if they are unemployed or under employed. If a party does not have a job and will need to further their education to obtain a new career, a court may take this factor under advisement. If medical or health concerns would prevent a party from working, those, too, can be considered when a court looks at the appropriateness of spousal support during a divorce.

The length of a couple’s marriage, their retirement reserves, and a host of other important factors may all be considered by the courts when spousal support is under consideration. Spousal support can be a necessary and important component of a divorce settlement, and individuals who believe that it will be relevant to their marital dissolutions should be sure to discuss it with their family law attorney.