Legal support for diverse adoption cases

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | adoption

Ohio residents who choose to open their hearts and homes to children through adoption deserve to have support and guidance from individuals who understand the law and are prepared to advocate for their rights. Whether they wish to complete a step-parent adoption, foster system adoption, or even an international adoption, prospective adoptive parents should find attorneys they know and trust. Gillespie Law, a Dublin-based firm, supports people who wish to make their adoption dreams into a reality.

Adoption can be a very different process for different individuals. For some, an adoption might simply mean closing the loop an on existing family by making a step-child into the parent’s legal relative. In situations like this, everyone may want the adoption to happen and the process will be relatively straightforward.

However, when a prospective parent chooses to adopt a child from a distant country, their adoption story may not be as easy. Different countries subject prospective adoptive parents to different laws and requirements; it can take months or even years for Americans to adopt children from foreign lands.

No prospective parent should be deterred from the adoption process because they do not understand it or do not know where to start. Individuals can consult with adoption attorneys with their questions and concerns. Gillespie Law is open and available to individuals who are coming to the adoption process from different backgrounds and with different end goals; more information about adoption and our law firm’s services in all areas of family law may be found on our website.