Will getting a divorce harm your kids?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | divorce

You know you want out of your marriage, but perhaps you worry about the effect it will have on your kids. You may worry that they will go down a troubling path or resent you for breaking up the family.

While every situation and child are different, the general consensus is that your children can still grow to be healthy and happy despite divorce, reveals Psychology Today.

When divorce is good

It is important to realize that in cases of abuse, neglect and other harmful circumstances, children are almost always better off when parents split. Even without extreme home environments, just no longer hearing parents constantly yell and fight is beneficial for children. In fact, they may feel relief at the news, especially if they are older.

Why your kids will be okay

It is natural for children to feel scared, sad or confused, particularly young ones who may not understand what is going on. They may even blame themselves. However, as time goes on and their understanding grows, these thoughts and emotions tend to dissipate. The only time divorce seems to have a longer-term negative impact is when the split comes as a complete surprise to children of wealthy parents. In these cases, children have somewhat lower rates of high school and college graduation, shares Time.

Children are incredibly resilient and can adjust to life changes in a healthy manner if they receive the right support. What matters most, in the end, is that your children have a strong relationship with each parent, even if you and your spouse no longer live together. Remember to focus on cooperation and communication with your ex and to prioritize the best interests of your kids.

Special considerations

If you have children with behavioral issues or special needs, divorce may affect them differently. You may want to consider individual or family therapy, as well as utilize a support system of other professionals and loved ones during this challenging time.