Steps in the adoption process

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Once you make the decision to adopt a child, it takes time to go through the process to bring the child home. You will need to put together your adoptions team by choosing an agency and other professionals who will assist you. Then, you begin the actual process of meeting qualifications and going through requirements to prepare to adopt.

According to, you will need to complete an adoption application with the agency you choose. Applications vary, but they request general information about you and your family. You will also need to provide them with information about your home, but this may occur later as part of a home study that is a requirement to adopt.

Pre-service training

To adopt in Ohio, you must complete a pre-service training requirement. It covers the basics of adopting, including the financial and emotional commitments you will make to the child. You will typically undergo this training before you even complete an application because its intent is to ensure you understand what adoption means and how it may impact your family.

Home study assessments 

The home study encompasses a variety of assessments of your family. The agency needs to learn more about you in order to identify children that would make a good fit.

This process may also involve the agency introducing you to children through case files. You will not meet any children in person yet, but you may get to find out information about them. You may learn about the child’s past, including family and medical history.

Meeting the child

In the end, the agency will make the choice of which child would be the best fit in your family. Once the agency makes its selection, you will have a chance to think about it and decide if you want to continue moving forward. Once you decide that you are positive you want to adopt the child, you will meet him or her. You will have multiple visits with the child and eventually, he or she will come to live with you.

The final step is finalizing the adoption through the court. This can happen after the child lives with you for a minimum of six months.