What steps will your doctor take when treating your dog bite?

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No doubt you are looking forward to the upcoming family gathering. However, your spouse reminded you that your cousin has a puppy that once nipped her five-year-old in the knee.

True, the little boy was taunting Fido and the bite did not break young Christopher’s skin. However, puppies are unpredictable. If you leave the reunion with a dog bite, how will your doctor treat it?

First steps

A dog bite may leave a jagged wound that can cause problems if it becomes infected. Should that happen, you might be looking at hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics. If Fido should bite you and draw blood, your first step is to wash the wound with mild soap and allow warm water to run over it for five to ten minutes. Use a clean cloth to stem any bleeding, then apply antibiotic cream, if available, before covering the wound with a bandage. The next step is to see your doctor.

Medical treatment

You should seek medical help within eight hours of receiving the dog bite since the risk of infection escalates after that. Your doctor will want details about the dog-biting incident and will probably clean the wound again. He or she will also ask about the date of your last tetanus shot. If more than five years have elapsed, you may receive a booster. Although stitches might be in order, wounds from a dog bite are usually left open so they can heal faster.

Sharp teeth

In terms of dog bite potential, you should not take puppies for granted. They have sharp little teeth. If Fido bites you, your cousin will likely express concern for your welfare. Meanwhile, you may or may not wish to take legal action depending on the outcome and the extent of your medical expenses.