Do your best to ensure a safe ride on your motorcycle

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | blog

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a reminder that motorcycle riders are vulnerable to accident and injury.

Motorists are not always alert to the presence of motorcycles, so it is up to riders to reduce the risk of a crash.

Risking injury

In a crash between a car or truck and a motorcycle, the motorcycle rider usually suffers the most serious injuries due to vulnerability. The risk of injury is greater since he or she does not have the protection of a steel framework and a vehicle with built-in safety features.

Taking precautions

There are several safety measures you can take to reduce your risk of an accident:

– Increase your visibility: Wear bright colors, such as yellow or orange, especially in your helmet and upper body apparel. If you ride after dark, put reflective tape or stickers on your motorcycle and even on the back of your vest or jacket. Use your headlight even during the day.

– Use safety gear: Wear a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation. Wear motorcycle goggles if you do not have a face shield plus gloves and over-the-ankle boots.

– Take extra care in traffic: Ride within your limits and take extra care when approaching or leaving intersections where many crashes occur. Stay alert. Constantly scan your surroundings.

Staying safe

With better weather, there are always more motorcycles on the road. Those who are riding for the first time and older riders whose skills may be rusty should consider taking training before starting out. Ensuring you have done everything you can to enjoy a safe ride and avoid injury is responsibility number one.